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Bankruptcy Litigation: Goodman & Goodman lawyers have successfully litigated these and other bankruptcy-related issues and disputes.
  • Eligibility to File
  • Exemption Claims & Objections
  • Nondischargeability of Claims
  • Objections to Discharge
  • Fraudulent Transfers
  • Preferential Transfers
  • Automatic Stay Relief & Violation Issues
  • Lease Assumption & Rejection Issues
  • Ch 11 & 13 Plan Confirmation
  • Dismissal or Conversion
Bankruptcy for Tax Debts: There are some situations where filing for bankruptcy will enable you to discharge your tax debt. The timing of your bankruptcy petition and the type of bankruptcy you choose will affect your ability to address taxes. The type and age of tax will also be an issue. Certain tax debt can be discharged through bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which involves a reorganization of debt and repayment plan, may enable you to address your tax debt through scheduled monthly payments to the bankruptcy trustee. In either of these or similar situations, the professionals at our firm can determine how to best address your taxes.

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